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Japan’s Employment Introduction
  • Life time employment
  • Excellent remuneration, pension, medical facilities and benefits
  • Career path
  • Women’s growth and leadership opportunities in Japanese firms
  • Equal employment opportunities
About Japan
  • Japan is a G7 Nation
  • Only 4 hours of time difference
  • Few Nikkei 225 companies started implementing English language as a norm
  • Ease of banking and foreign remittance
  • R&D Hub

The Japan Problem

Japan is aging fast and 28.7% of its population is 65 years or older. The country’s current aging population is creating a dire shortage of young IT Engineers and it is estimated that by 2030 there will be a need for approximately 800k engineers. This deficit of human resources has previously been covered from Asia, but now Pakistan is starting to become a prominent supplier of skilled workers for Japan.

Why Pakistan?

This progress in the IT sector builds on the inherent strengths of Pakistan being part of the Commonwealth, having English as the official language, with an average population being 23.4 years, and the 5th most populous nation in the world with 220 million people.

If you secure an employment in Japan

  • Process your Certificate of Eligibility with the Ministry of Justice in Japan and assist with local visa applications with Japanese’s Embassy in Pakistan
  • Provide you training and orientation to successfully relocate in Japan
  • Assist with accommodation (depending on employers request)