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About Japan

In 2019, the Government of Japan signed an agreement with the Government of Pakistan to allow ICT professionals to work freely in Japan.

  • Japan is a G7 Nation
  • Only 4 hours of time difference
  • Few Nikkei 225 companies started implementing English language as a norm
  • Ease of banking and foreign remittance
  • R&D Hub

Inside Japan

  • IT Resources

    • Lack of skilled and experienced IT staff in all industries with no automated platform available to track candidates or job searches
  • Budget Rich

    • Japanese clients have budget but cannot undertake new
      due to a lack of critical resources.
  • Source

    • Japan cannot source enough IT talent locally
    • By tapping into skilled Foreign IT engineers, Profound
      Vision can
      help meet the demand in Japan
  • Global Resources

    • Bring global resources to Japan and also offer Offshore Development and Direct Placements
  • Track & Deploy

    • A scalable method of tracking candidates does not exist.
    • A need to build a platform to automate registration,
      training and deployment to Japan

Merits of working in Japan

  1. 01

    Attractive pay scales and long term benefits such as, commutation allowance, pensions, yearly bonuses and medical insurance for employees and their dependents

  2. 02

    Attractive pay scales and long
    term benefits such as,
    allowance for commute,
    pensions, yearly bonuses and
    medical insurance for
    employees (globally) including
    their dependents

  3. 03

    Some organizations will also
    offer temporary subsidies for
    housing or significant discounts
    on the use of company
    properties such as
    entertainment facilities or
    vacation rentals.

  4. 04

    100% merit based selection

  5. 05

    Equal Opportunities
    ( Male/Female )

  6. 06

    Opportunities across all industries with 1000s of openings in the automobile, consumer electronics, animations, finance and banking sectors etc.

  7. 07

    Main career opportunities in Nikkei 225 companies to young professionals in the age bracket 26-29

  8. 08

    Work with some of the world largest companies like Toyota, Honda, Sony, NTT
    ・Minimum of only 3 years experience in appropriate skills
    ・Most cases have no Japanese language requirements

Japan needs foreign
IT professionals

Japan is aging fast and 28.7% of its population is 65 years or older.
The country’s current aging population is creating a dire shortage of
young IT Engineers and it is estimated that by 2030 there will be a
need for approximately 800k engineers.

This deficit of human resources has previously been covered from
Asia, but now Pakistan is starting to become a prominent supplier of
skilled workers for Japan.

Once you secure a job in Japan

  • Visa Application Assistance

    Process your Certificate of Eligibility with
    the Ministry of Justice in Japan and assist
    with local visa applications with
    Japanese Embassy in Pakistan

  • Successful Relocation

    Provide you training and orientation to
    successfully relocate in Japan

  • Accommodation Assistance

    Assist with accommodation (depending on
    employers request)

Candidate support

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